Kupatana Success Story 

Sep 2, 2022, is an Ecommerce business that offers local free classifieds ads in the following categories: Cars, Real Estate, Sports and Hobby, Leisure, Jobs, Men’s fashion, Women’s fashion, Accessories and everything else. is an Ecommerce business that offers local free classifieds ads in the following categories: Cars, Real Estate, Sports and Hobby, Leisure, Jobs, Men’s fashion, Women’s fashion, Accessories and everything else. 

The opportunity the Kupatana client saw in our company was:  

  • a reliable IT Team;
  • e-commerce development;
  • CTO as a service;

The Story of Kupatana 

The growing phenomenon of the marketplace is booming day by day.  So we need to develop our idea fast, looking forward to developing a product that adopts the newest features for the market and its consumers, and transform Kupatana into a versatile solution.  

A Business Model with Great Scalability 

Kupatana`s goal was to create a modern platform that would allow them to scale the business and expand the activity to other regions. The Kupatana platform was created as a result of an integration of 2 systems Kupatana and Zoom Tanzania. Where the role of EBS was the creation of a new consolidated e-commerce platform in which the data from the existing systems was migrated.  

The “Challenge” of what customer faced  

Data Migration. From here came the biggest challenge, the migration of all the data assigned to the users of the platform. We managed to migrate them without a negative impact, for instance (loss of data, or issues in synchronization). As a result, the transition was easy as much for the users as for the platform where there was no down time registered.  

From both platforms, where there were around 100 million new data, we managed to develop scripts to automate the migration process.  

Leveraging on Existing Stores 

Once with the scaling and the migration process, the business activity and number of users increased by about 30% – 40%. We created a unique ad placement function, where we used AI systems to automate the process of identifying video images and ads with prohibited content and automatically determining the categories of uploaded products.  

We would like to emphasize that we have applied the Agile methodology that allowed us to divide the project into several phases. Moreover, due to constant collaboration with the  

Client/stakeholder and receiving feedback on each step, permitted to improve and adapt this methodology specifically for this project (following a process of: planning, execution and evaluation). As a result this approach helped us to obtain visible results even from the first iterations. And at the early stage of the project we managed to create a Beta version, which was released to a certain group of users for testing and feedback.   

Additionally we would like to point out that thanks to the applied methodology, we fitted into the initial estimated budget and succeeded to achieve the objectives set by the Client.  

Why Kupatana Chose EBS

When we start a new project, EBS always starts with the process of getting to know the client, analyzing their environment and the business culture it encompasses. As a result, we can see what are the strengths and weaknesses of the client that can influence the project.   

The key objective of EBS is to provide services of the highest quality to our customers, by understanding precisely the requirements, having a transparent and permanent communication and using the latest technologies on the market. Where any new project is a complex process of involving the customer into our project management and development culture, that by the end will create a comfort ecosystem for the customer.  

Before diving into the depths of marketplace development, it is necessary to do proper market research and validate the needs for the marketplace development. This market research and proper business analysis enlightened our client as to what should be the technical solution for the marketplace together with the necessary features and functionalities, which your customers require. 

How EBS Responded  

From the first beginning of the project before moving on to the development stage, we offered to the client a technical feasibility study. Our Business Analysis (BA) department analyzed both platforms where as a result they identified the risks and developed an implementation plan. We applied best practices from our vast experience offering to the client reliable implementation solutions.  

The Results 

Due to the fact that we were quite agile and created a strategy, the migration process took much less time. There was no data loss as a result we managed to avoid users complaints, and the traffic of the platform instantly started to grow.  

Do not rely only on fast delivery, but also take into account the quality of the product. The product must be validated not only from the point of view of the UI, but also from the base functionality point of view. The process of which will allow a stable interaction between the user and the product.   

As you have read the article and now understand the importance of mobile and web development, and how the world is changing with technology you can see that marketplace apps are making human life more flexible via their features and functionalities. Businesses are looking to unearth more ways to grow and a marketplace could be the answer that you are seeking. 

Given the above you may wish to explore a marketplace app business as a future investment for your company. 

Customer: Kupatana  

Company: EBS Integrator 

Industry: E-commerce, Marketplace 

Stack: Java, Spring, Swift, Kotlin, React. 

Buyer Persona: Kupatana 

Project Manager: Cristi Zagornii