Outstaffing – minimizing costs, accelerating development

Feb 9, 2023,

Remote collaboration is on the rise! Studies show that companies with insufficient in-house resources can accelerate product development without having to hire more experts on a costly payroll. On top of that, companies that opt for remote collaboration also benefit from international IT talent that’s bound to redefine how they look at things.

To that end, outstaffing seems like the most viable and promising collaboration model where the client has the freedom to manage their staffing requirements with greater flexibility. It takes the headache of having to deal with salaries, bonuses, and the necessary equipment out of the equation.

Outstaffing in a nutshell

The model is relatively simple – the client company assigns all necessary tasks to the contractor (outstaffing company), and the contractor’s experts take care of their proper execution. The client is only required to agree on all the details and set deadlines that the contractor will follow. The rest is up to the outstaffing company. 

Hence, the contractor will provide the right specialists from their talent pool to handle assigned requests. Simple as that.

The perks of outstaffing

Outstaffing comes fully geared with a number of value-adding benefits that could prove to be game-changing for the hiring company:

  • Cutting expenses. Outstaffing eliminates the need for setting up a pricey IT infrastructure on-site, and the lack of additional costs that inevitably come with in-house expenses (medical insurance, taxes, etc.) could help the contractor get all the support they require, even on a shoestring budget!
  • Decreasing Time to Market. Outstaffing teams become truly invaluable when the project has a tight deadline that the in-house team struggles to fit into. If the contractor wants to launch the desired product quicker, outstaffing is their go-to collaboration model. 
  • Boosting flexibility. Outstaffing gives the hiring company the flexibility it needs to scale its teams up and down as they please. The contractor gains full control over the development process and gives their in-house crews more space to focus on their core functions and responsibilities. 
  • Simplifying HR management. With outstaffing, the contractor doesn’t have to deal with any of the paperwork. That means – no sick leaves or vacations, no reports whatsoever. Easing up the administrative and accounting burden is a huge advantage – both time- and money-conserving.
  • Eliminating labor disputes. Any labor disputes that may arise in the process are of no concern to the contractor, as the outstaffing company will handle it all in-house without affecting the inner workings of their client. 

Outstaffing with EBS Integrator

With over 12 years in Software Development, EBS Integrator has the means and the capabilities to help any business accelerate the release of their project development in all the right ways. Over 75 qualified and experienced tech whizzes are ready to come to one’s aid whenever their services may be needed. 

EBS Integrator makes outstaffing easy:

  • Decrease development costs. We have ample experience across various niches, which helps our developers to work quickly and deliver turnkey projects per request, minimizing the number of hours required to get things done. We align our workflow with the client’s requirements to optimize the workload and efficiently integrate our services into the hiring company’s agenda. 
  • Increase efficiency through standardized processes. All our processes are well-established and time-proven, giving our developers the flexibility required to leverage industry-leading solutions and detailed tech documentation coordinated by experienced Project Managers ready to take on any project. 
  • Enjoy consistent delivery. With over 300 completed projects, we have collaborated with numerous clients for 6+ years. It gives us every reason to firmly believe that we are well-versed in understanding any business needs. Our Senior Developers always see the Big Picture and create a custom-tailored approach for every client. 
  • Scale up quicker. We have plenty of experience and certifications in Cloud Native Development, which gives us the opportunity to adapt to any business needs, making it sustainable and highly scalable through adaptable and effective digital solutions.
  • Remain competitive. We realize all too well that Digital Transformation is the key to any business’s success. That’s why we opt for automating our clients’ business processes wherever possible. 

EBS Integrator easily finds the right individual approach to every client, which makes our outstaffing services highly accessible and incredibly potent for businesses of any scale. Our goal is to help our clients grow rapidly without worrying about whopping development costs or missed deadlines. 

Get more for less with EBS Integrator!