5 reasons for switching to microservices

Building efficient architectures is what our team does best, but we must admit, without microservices, this task would be harder to accomplish and way less sustainable. We’ve made the switch a couple [...]

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5 Application Performance issues that slow-down your service

The 21st century is powered by online apps and with the rise of “Software as a Service” applications, availability is paramount. If a decade ago, usage of such business applications was a [...]

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Data Streaming – the treadmill of BigData

When you run a business that is focused on the “right here, right now” premise, going Big on Data might not be enough. If your business model relies on progressing terabytes, petabytes [...]

6 good reasons to use FaaS in your next enterprise app

In the last years, the process of delivering an enterprise-level application (web or mobile) has changed. Nowadays, building a reliable API, back-end and architecture, might not be enough, especially for enterprises which [...]