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Artgranit is a Moldavian trade-mark that transforms stone and wood into high-end interior design elements. While its services resulted in art-like pieces, the company’s brand lacked proper representation for key retail and business stakeholders. In facing this challenge, the company reached out to EBS, in need of a solution for their web representation needs. The initial idea of Mr Marcel Vutcariov (CEO of Artgranit) was to simply build a website, that would showcase the company’s expertise and the production they’re crafting. The idea has not been quite far from their previous web presence, one that needed a serious face-lift.

The Challenge

During several meetings, EBS identified several less effective sides of Artgranit’s older web-resource. The team had to begin with a skewed design, several bugs on the user’s experience (UX) model and an absolute lack of basic call-to-action approaches. That’s when it became clear enough that a facelift won’t do and several actions were required.

The Result

Considering the previously mentioned challenges, EBS took several actions to deliver an outstanding digital experience:

Back to the blueprints

ESB had to build a call-to-action strategy from grounds up and choose best-fitting solutions for building a fresh and intuitive web resource. Based on previous experiences, the team managed to combine two UX strategies to deliver a cooperative, yet retail-ready spice for the new web presence of Artgranit. In addition, the interface has been designed to impress, engage and deliver the right content at the right time.

Build an entire Mobile – Oriented design

Based on previous analytics, about 40% of the retail customers were landing on the company’s website from mobile devices. Considering the above, EBS built a mobile-ready presence based on AngularJS and Bootstrap.

Deliver and exceed customers’s expectation

Retail consumers are usually shopping around for things they need right here – right now. That is why EBS delivered an add-value to each stakeholder, building means of user interaction that would place their content within Artgranit’s production pages, to serve expected information for each and every stakeholder. One of the most relevant examples is EBS’s Frame-Builder – an app that has been integrated within the website and allows users to upload a photo, painting or canvas and chose within various frames and accessories that go with it. As soon as consumers find a right fit, they can place an order and get exactly what they want – when and where they want it.

Ready for acquisition

As an add-value, EBS decided to implement an easy – yet useful lead acquisition tool within the back-end of the website. This tool enables sales managers to take orders and react promptly for each and every order. In addition, since the user’s interface screens the contact info exactly where it’s needed, their call rates increased and with them the conversion rates went up.

Beginning from the idea of a simple face-lift, EBS managed to deliver more than Artgranit bargained for. Along with a fresh UI of their corporative web presence that screened and delivered their art to retail and corporate consumers, EBS made sure each of the stakeholders (even the Sales Managers on Artgranit’s end) get more, driving their experience to the next level.

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