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Cloud Schedule
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SIA “ELBORGA” is a Latvian SME that delivers on-site cleaning services. With over 20 employees, the company made use of several tools for time, stock, payroll and order management, that were proven ineffective either drove additional costs. Since SMEs are looking for an optimized approach on their operational site, the company approached EBS to develop a solution that would fit its operational and generic management needs.

The Challenge

Right from the beginning, the most difficult task to accomplish was collecting requirements. While ELBORGA was aware of their processes, the vision of combining each and every process into a convergent interface has been inconclusive and some adjustments had to be made.

The company required a task management system that combined communication across stakeholders, payroll management, customer relation management, as well as invoicing and billing integration: ”I used several different types of calendars to organize myself and my employees’ assignments, but we still needed other features, like reports for hours worked and customer base. We couldn’t find an appropriate software for my business, and so I looked around for alternative solutions. We wanted to be able to see employee tasks from different views. A customer, an employee, and I would each need to see the tasks and interact with them.” – stated Mr. Valters Grobiņš, the company’s owner.

All of these had to be designed as a perfect fit for any service delivery firm, that implies on-site services such as plumbing, cleaning, either home repair/improvement services. Along with the requirements, the scope of work increased in volume, featuring a comprehensive solution for each and every activity of the firm.

The Result

After hundreds of hours in sessions with the company’s owner, EBS managed to map all of the required functionality, delivering its own add-value to the initial idea. From the initial stage to deployment, the team analyzed and integrated each and every role within the system and enabled interactive communication across the entire process experience of SIA ELBORGA: “The new software has streamlined employee tasks, improved internal communication and reduced the need for administrator involvement. My employees appreciate the solution, and they like the ability to use it for internal communication. Now, they can manage tasks on their own and I do not need to reach them by phone on a regular basis.” – Stated Mr. Valters Grobiņš, CEO of SIA “ELBORGA” and now founder of Cloud Schedule.

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The Result

The platform has been designed as a “Service-As-A-Service” (further as SaaS) product that now grew into a startup niched on empowering service delivery companies to cut on cost and improve their organizational process-oriented needs. While the startup is getting momentum and early adopters, we’re continuing to improve the Cloud Scheduling platform within an open development cycle, to deliver a comprehensive SaaS framework across web and mobile.

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