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BAPPZ LTD was founded by the Internet pioneer Paul Myers, founder of the The X-Stream Network, the first free ISP and Wippit, the World’s first legal P2P music download service. With 16 years of top level, cutting edge experience in online and ‘new’ media, Myers created BAPPZ in 2008 out of the need for a dedicated application design house. Today BAPPZ Ltd. is an UK registered company based in London and Melbourne (Australia). They serve customers world-wide and focus on delivering top-notch apps for various industries.

The Challenge

As an APP house, BAPPZ Ltd. developed several apps on iOS, one of which was “Paris Metro”. The product gained increased popularity among iPhone users, however, the team faced several hiccups while developing an Android version of the same app.  Since the app had to communicate with several APIs and mapping services, the task got even harder to accomplish and the timing was quite limited. To deliver an Android version in time, BAPPZ had to identify a company that would preserve the look and feel of the app, code it natively for Android devices and build a flexible, open-cycled code that can be easily updated through version upgrades and state-of-the-art features. On top of the above, the Android app had to suit Android devices with lower specs, without sacrificing any of the previously developed iOS functionality.

The Result

Based on various best practices used by other vendors, EBS developed several optimization algorithms to make the app faster, better and more reliable for Android users. Based on common knowledge and it’s expertise in developing and working with popular and self-owned APIs, EBS Integrator developed an unique algorithm that preserved the functionality of the previously developed iOS app, but made the application faster by 70% compared to its iOS analog.  As a result, BAPPZ LTD decided to implement the same release for iOS devices. This way, EBS Creative delivered the “Paris Metro” app, for both: Android and iOS Platforms.  Based on the same algorithms and optimization concepts, the new release was 60% faster on older iOS devices compared to the previous release.  Aside improvements, several new features were supplied, such as offline navigation, point-to-point route planning, timing estimations and interactive info on routes for any user to access. All these improvements helped “Paris Metro” to gain an user base of almost 1.4 billion travelers every year, making it the busiest metro system App in Western Europe.

At this time, the application handles over 214 km of lines  in Paris only and it’s source code together with optimization algorithms is currently used to support other apps such as: “London Tube Map PRO”, “New York City Subway Map”, “Hong Kong Metro Map”, “Brussels Metro Map” and “Tokyo Metro Map”.  Beside a common source code, these app have another thing in common: users call it as: “the app that will get you where you want to go without the need for an Internet connection“.

The Result

Here’s a sneak-peek of the platform’s looks after it’s redesign:

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