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The USAID Local Government Support Project (LGSP) is a four-year project in Moldova, aimed at assisting local governments in the design and implementation of policies and procedures that contribute to good governance. LGSP offers an Excellence in Municipal Management (EMM) certification program, that will provide core competency technical assistance to municipalities, followed by tailored and demand-driven technical assistance. EMM is structured to provide municipalities with practical tools that yield tangible results.

The Challenge

Increasing transparency among local governance and civic society has been one of the most difficult challenges faced by LGSP. This is because Moldovan local authorities use obsolete bureaucratic tools for interaction with its civic society. A solution to this issue is usually digital interaction between such entities, however, Moldovan Local Authorities lack the required qualification and resources to enable new-media interaction channels. Considering the technical unawareness and the lack of resources among potential users, USAID’s LGSP looked for alternative solutions to an in-house web development that would enable local authorities to set-up an interactive website and a new media communication channel in a glimpse. The most popular Content Management systems LGSP analyzed, lacked scalability and custom-based elements that a local authority would require, which lead to organizing a web development contest among local and international companies.

The Result

6 months of interactive consultancy with LGSP USAID, resulted in delivering the open-government WEBAPL system: a platform by the people, for the people. EBS delivered a solution based on Laravel 4.2, using MySql for databases and JQuery, Disqus API, Firebase/firechat elements to deliver efficient public to authority communication.  To make it available for any local governance structure in Moldova and expand platform possibilities for entities with little or no advanced technical awareness, the product has been delivered under a GNU General Public License.

The platform enables any municipality or small-town authority, to develop a mobile-friendly and interactive website, with little to no required technical skills. In addition, WEBAPL uses crowd-generated insights to deliver public feedback and local infrastructure alerts to over 42 municipalities and district authorities.

As a result, common city/village issues reported by the public are solved at a lower cost, faster, with little or no bureaucracy involved. With WEBAPL communication between authorities across Moldova is easier, it’s enabling the ease of elevation, internal reporting and governmental transparency.

The Result

Here’s a sneak-peek of the platform’s looks after it’s release:

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