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EBS Integrator’s Founder & CEO Vitalie Aremescu Is Creating a Transformational Impact on Most Meaningful Sectors Globally: GoodFirms
news alex • 29 Nov 2021, 12:35
EBS Integrator

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Incorporated in 2010 and based in Chisinau, EBS Integrator is a software development firm that focuses on producing exceptional digital experiences for each stakeholder in an accelerated beat. Our business model is powered solely by high-quality, peer-to-peer client relations, separating us from the primary Eastern European outsourcing market.

EBS Integrator is the leading software solutions development company promoting frictionless, personalized, innovative, and connected shopper engagement. The professionals at EBS are transparent in everything they do to enable trust and a quality-driven development cycle for stakeholders. The professionals deployed solutions that support millions of requests per second and managed huge repositories of Data. The GoodFirms team interviewed Vitalie Aremescu, helming EBS, for ten years.

Starting with the interview, Vitalie mentions that his role is to stir the team into the right direction while taking pointers from each of our experiences.

Customer participation hinges on perfectly timed moments of perfection — a commitment to the customers’ terms, providing the correct item at the right place and time. Those bits between consumers, stores, partners, and inventory allow retailers to impact the shopping experience and execute seamless centralized commerce positively.

As a global technology innovator, we understand the value that digital strategies allow and the significant need for unification in a hyper-connected retail world. As a result, EBS Integrator is committed to creating cutting-edge solutions for business people at national and international levels.

Talking about the idea behind the business commencement, Vitalie mentions that our origins are somewhat humble. We kicked off our business in a 1-room flat, and a suborn idea: convert business processes for the largest oncologic institution back in the Republic of Moldova. That happened 11 years ago. We provided consultancy and software development only to realize that institution had no infrastructure (neither network nor hardware) – so we used those included within that understanding.

This kick-off distinguished us as a one-stop shop for digital transformation that gives end-to-end digital transformation for those who require an optimized operational shift. The following projects grew bigger – so did our team. We started from an overall team of 25 full-stack, senior developers to a headcount of 120 highly qualified professionals in the last three years only.

Vitalie mentions that we operate on various models when asked about the business model, but we mainly provide expert teams for hire, which we call “outsourcing has done right”. Our open platform is the result of decades of experience as a leader in global innovation. The journey toward this technology-first approach started when we extended our capability with industry-leading partners for developing robust solutions.

Elaborating on services, Vitalie mentions that customer experience is directly correlated to service delivery and powers your user base. To dodge customer issues and enable a smooth service for targeted stakeholders, your app must be ready 99.9999% of the time to quickly accommodate market changes and scale in requiring situations. If your service is not up to the mark yet and refactoring is not an alternative, our redesigning system strategy can bring your service to its next customer satisfaction level.

There’s nothing better than EBS to build your next-level mobile apps. Our mobile production team attends to our best-in-class API development methods to deliver the fastest, most reliable Android and iOS applications you can get.

Our REST method in delivering APIs will empower mobile builds to access data in any format rather than running with SOAP. Coupled with JSON, we’re facilitating better data operations support for Android, iOS and any browser clients. On top of this, our native apps can enable you to perform data operations of any complexity, regardless of the preferred platform.

Thus, backed by a team of skilled app developers, the GoodFirms researchers believe that EBS would soon get entitled as one of the leading mobile app development companies at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the quality of apps developed at EBS Integrator.

Further explaining more about services, Vitalie asserts that the professionals deliver a professional diagnostic of your code and full legal coverage regards confidentiality, so you’d have more than just a commitment of non-disclosure. With a one-time charge for our indicative, you’ll receive an outline of all system faults, recommendations as well as a result regards re-designing your software.

While delivering real-time solutions to stakeholders, EBS’s expert web developers enable you to save on maintenance, implementation, and costs for operations and infrastructure based on your business process.

Moreover, the team caters to clients from different verticals with business models that need instant data access, such as IoT, Data Enrichment, Data Aggregation and High-Load Marketplaces. They also provide services like Digital Marketing, Customer Research or Quick Loan providers to reach clients’ business maximum potential via sustainable IT solutions.

The team makes sure to deliver responsive and user-friendly websites, enabling clients to enhance their respective business’s ROI. Thus, giving containerization strategies allowing the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses at an unprecedented scale would soon bequeath EBS to tap into the list of top web developers at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below shows the potential of the web developers at EBS Integrator.

In conclusion, Vitalie explains that the idea of bare “man-hours” is obsolete, so we switched to a team-subscription approach instead to deliver promising outcomes to equity-based partnerships.

Furthermore, he divulges that EBS is the only company that can deliver an in-house experience with its bespoke software development provisioning. We build teams that are dedicated to a single stakeholder/project. This way, our clients benefit from an end-to-end IT augmentation team, which feels like their own. It’s not what we’re saying, and it’s what our clients say by giving feedbacks and reviews.

Thus, having read the information mentioned above shared by Vitalie, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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About EBS Integrator

EBS Integrator is a web and mobile software development house, that focuses its energy on delivering outstanding digital experiences for each and every stakeholder. The company’s headquarters are located at Ion Inculet 33rd street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. To get more insights about EBS Integrator, please visit:


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