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EBS to attend Outsourcing Summit and Expo (OSX)
news EBS Integrator • 10 Sep 2019, 16:01
EBS Integrator

IM ”Enterprise Business Solutions” SRL (further as „EBS Integrator” and/or „EBS”) a software development house located in Moldova,  shall attend the Outsourcing Summit and Expo (OSX) organized between 1st and 2nd of October, 2019, in London, UK.

The event’s attendance is co-sponsored by the „Moldova IT Park” and is yet another community effort, designed to promote Moldovan Tech and enable development among local IT enterprises.

According to Mrs. Valentina Stadnic, the community’s leader, Moldovan IT companies must build bridges of trust among local and external stakeholders and delivering an opportunity to attend this event is one of the steps in doing that: “This attendance support is yet another effort that should unlock the regional competitiveness and place Moldova among the most attractive technology clusters around the world. We’re advancing fast in this endeavour, however not quite there. Thus, the great value generated by Moldovan Tech companies deserves to be screened during the most visible International events as such”. 

At the other end, Mr. Vitalie Aremescu, founder of EBS Integrator, believes this event would enable EBS’s team to establish new connections, get insights regards competition and feel the pulse of the European Outsourcing community. In turn, all these insights shall serve as a point of reference for the company’s provisioning, external relations as well as an overall strategy: “Such niched events serve as a compass to our industry. It is a rare occasion to observe businesses that resemble ours and yet another opportunity to exchange knowledge, learn and simply talk about challenges a service provider must face.  It goes without saying: The Outsourcing Summit and Expo is also a great networking source.”

According to event organizers, the two-day conference is designed to deliver opportunities for sourcing and IT professionals at every level that encourages participation, learning and building new alliances & partnerships that will transform their provisioning.

The event is, in fact, a conference, meeting hub, exhibition and a workshop – all under one roof.  Segmented into 5 tracks (Digital Disruption, IT Design & Development, Business Process Services, Customer Experience and International Relations)  the event strives to celebrate individuals and organizations challenging the status quo, share thoughts on how intelligent development can change how we do business online and connect ambitious companies looking to expand on the European and/or international markets.

The event is at Its second edition and resembles a rather fresh initiative that brings together outsourcing service providers and talent seekers under one roof. 

EBS Integrator will be represented at a national stand by 3 delegates. Any interested stakeholders can meet them ad-hoc between 1st to 2nd of October 2019, at the Outsourcing Summit and Expo, or schedule an appointment with any of EBS’s delegates by following this link:

About EBS Integrator

EBS Integrator is a web and mobile software development house, that focuses its energy on delivering outstanding digital experiences for every stakeholder. The company’s headquarters are located at Ion Inculet 33rd street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. To get more insights about EBS Integrator, please visit:

About Moldova IT park

“Moldova IT Park” is an Information Technology Park that strives to create an organizational platform with a set of innovative tools and competencies to boost the growth of the information technology industry, create new jobs and attract local and foreign investment. To get more insights visit:

About Outsourcing Summit and Expo (OSX)

OSX is a unique two-day event that delivers opportunities for sourcing and IT professionals at every level.  Taking place in London, OSX is a conference, exhibition, workshop and meeting hub all under one roof.  To get more insights visit:

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