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Global Database
A business intelligence platform designed to engage and enrich
Donate Smarter
Pocket donations for each NGO – Smarter Donations for stakeholders
Cloud Schedule
CloudSchedule empowers service delivery companies to cut on costs and improve...
All Systems Mechanical
5Is a Lead Generation system built for a U.S. Veteran-Owned company
YPTender is a tool that processes 3224 loan applications quarterly
Loewen crafts luxurious windows and doors that are the statement pieces...
Elections 2019
Enabling transparency by challenging gerrymandering practices
Delivering a voice to each of your blog posts and/or interview...
Creditex is a tool that processes 3224 loan applications quarterly
Cardio Prima
Brand Identity and Web Design
Georgia Printco
A web app for a printing service provider
The best way to shop for and sell new and used...
Europe’s largest marketplace for horses and everything related to horses
Enabling a true sharing economy model, online, for everyone.
Crippling the local FakeNews pipeline
Abraham’s Legacy - Tehillim
Never worry about breaking up the book of Tehillim again.