Resurrect your app

discover bottlenecks, lags or issues that hold your service behind

Give your service the upgrade it deserves

Tune-up your application performance, increase your user capacity and optimize your codebase to keep-up with current market demands, reduce server costs and speed-up your time-to-market feature delivery. All of these, without a complete system re-design.

EBS Integrator

Get your full-blown system diagnostic

Before we can promise anything, we need a reality check. This involves a comprehensive code review of your system, that will give us an idea of what we’re dealing with. Before we’ll get to dig into your code, we’ll set you up with an NDA so you’d have a legal guarantee that your service’s secrets are safe with us. We’ll charge you a one-time fee for the review, delivering you an exact overview of your system. We’ll also deliver a set of recommendations that will give you a better idea of how much time/ resources you’re expected to spend on refactoring efforts.

EBS Integrator

Building your re-design road-map

If your source code is suitable for refactoring, we’ll go through your list of required features, analyze them and deliver an impact report on your existing system. If some features are not compatible with your current system architecture, you might need to consider a system redesign. Otherwise, we’ll estimate the required time for implementation and get ready to translate those in deliverables

EBS Integrator

Get performance strategies that work

As soon as we get to a list of features compatible with your current system infrastructure and a proper assessment of how much code is going to be dumped and re-written, our system designers will build an optimization strategy to improve your overall application performance and stay clear of any system-wide outages. That will guarantee your new version’s stability and deliver new ways to check its overall health through a various sequence of events.

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Deliver the performance your users deserve

Customer experience is directly related to service delivery and powers your user base. To avoid customer churn and enable a smooth service for targeted stakeholders, your app must be available 99.9999% of the time, easily adapt to market changes and scale in demanding circumstances. If your service is not quite there yet and refactoring is not an option, our system redesigning approach can bring your service to its next customer satisfaction level.

EBS Integrator

Sit back and decide

Since you need a sense of how much this will take and how much you should spend, EBS will deliver you a realistic assumption regarding how much you should spend. When re-factoring on top of an older codebase it is nearly impossible to quote a fixed figure, but our team will deliver a 30% difference range, so you could know at least if you have the capacity to get started. At this stage, it’s all you. No matter where this goes, at least you’ll know where you’re standing.

EBS Integrator

Find what works best for you

Since you’ll be provided with a performance report and a time vs material assumption for your new features as well as for those performance-related strategies, it should be easier to adjust your needs to current possibilities. Once you narrow down your list of new features to those that matter, we’ll re-estimate the timeline and costs assumption for the best possible budget fit.

EBS Integrator

Getting your code patched

Only when everything is agreed on, EBS will start patching your code, to build grounds for those new features we’ve planned together. As in case of our regular projects, we’ll need you on the line at least two times a week – just to make sure everything is done as intended. Talking to you is important to us since you are the best person to decide on your vision’s execution. At EBS, we like our clients in the driver’s seat and this is why we’re giving you multiple delivery choices.

100% trust – confirmed by genuine customers:

Even though they’re on the other side of the world, it seems like they’re right down the hall. Users are impressed with the technology made available through the site. EBS Integrator is able to translate ideas into a product, effectively using their resources to respond to the client’s feedback. The team is communicative and available.

David Drake
the Innovator behind Donate Smarter

The new software has streamlined employee tasks, improved internal communication, and reduced the need for administrator engagement. EBS Integrator implemented a detailed, accurate project plan that allowed them to remain on schedule and within the proposed budget.

Valters Grobins
CEO at

Our new platform is more effective than some of the solutions put forth by the giants in our industry. Site response times are trice faster, while cost savings driven by efficient resource usage average around €13,000 per quarter. EBS Integrator was as proactive, efficient and responsive as an in-house team.

Nicolae Buldumac
Director at Global Database LTD

The app has numerous downloads and positive ratings in both app stores. The team’s efficiency and diligence made the project a success. They were polite, professional, and extremely skilled at all aspects of project design and execution.

Itay Naftaly

Due to their functionality and straightforward UI/UX, both apps have attracted praise from customers. EBS Integrator’s concise communication, transparent billing methods, and prompt turnaround time make the partnership rewarding.

Richard Tella
Founder of Qwids

Because we were so happy with how they worked, we didn’t reach out to anyone else for our second project. Both apps receive positive feedback from users and were delivered with very few bugs. They make you feel like you are their only client.

Makan Amini
HKS insight and Second Opinion Product Manager
EBS Integrator

Embed your ideas into new functionality

As soon as everything works as intended (based on the old business model) we’ll get to designing your fresh UX/UI elements, coding those changes into your application’s core and bringing your fresh functionality to life. Feature-by-feature, you’ll get to test-drive each deliverable only after those have been processed by our in-house Quality Control and Quality assurance steps.

EBS Integrator

We’re done when you say we’re done

Placing a fresh version in production is challenging – that is why we’re going to triple-check with you each of your system’s elements, before they reach production. With all these health checks in place, your freshly baked version will now act as intended, even in the most unpredictable production events.

EBS Integrator

100% guarantee of support

If you’re short on IT resources to maintain your now-steady software, we can fill that gap for you. Our maintenance service is as simple as a mobile service, with well-defined actions to ensure system uptime and stability during challenging traffic loads or service demand. On top of that, whenever you need an additional feature, you can get it as simple as acquiring a value-added service (if your older system architecture supports it).