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The Association of Independent Press (API) is a non-governmental organization established to support independent mass media. The Association was founded by representatives of the few local independent newspapers “Accent Provincial” (Glodeni), “Business-Info” / at present “Gazeta de Sud” (Cimișlia), “Cugetul” (Bălți), “Cuvântul” (Rezina), “Est Curier” (Criuleni), “Gazeta de Vest” (Nisporeni), and the press agencies BASA-Press (Chisinau) and DECA-Press (Bălți), that stand for a fair and non-prejudice journalism in Moldova. API is currently involved in a long-term partnership with EBS Integrator, to maintain and aid their media products with affordable and performance-driven additions.

The Challenge

While maintaining several news outlets, API faced the challenge of serving media content to their ever-growing mobile audience. With over 15  websites on their end, the association required a quick‘n easy solution to either re-design all of their web pages in a mobile-friendly manner, or lose the mobile audience to other news outlets, that are politically-engaged and have more resources on their hand, provided by political forces either interest groups. The required solution had to be easily deployable and cost-efficient, preferably deployed within a few days.

We have been caught in a User Experience dilemma. Most of our competitors (news outlets enabled by certain politicians and obscure businessmen) had mobile-ready websites and native applications that proved to be quite popular among media consumers. We had no choice but to conform to these trends if we really wanted to enable fair journalist in reaching media consumers. Since most of our stakeholders are non-profit, independent media outlets, we seek a solution that would fit the pocket of each media outlet and help them compete, at least on the media delivery site” – stated Mr. Petru Macovei, API’s President.

The Result

Following on the main challenge of this project, EBS had to decide if adapting each of the websites to a mobile-ready design would be sustainable, either a mobile app would suffice. Following on a dedicated user pool, the audience decided in favour of a mobile app, rather than mobile versions of their favourite media outlets. Considering the volume of work required for each website, the challenge became even greater, since building a native Android/iOS version for each media outlet would not be as sustainable as expected.

The only viable solution would be a white-label solution for all of the media outlets, that would require minimum maintenance and deployment efforts. After investigating a bit deeper, EBS found out that each outlet was running a WordPress instance on their end, which would aid the White-Label approach. The team built a universal API and a WordPress extension that would allow media outlets to deploy a mobile app for their website in a matter of days.

As a result, within 2 weeks from delivering the white-label solution, 4 media outlets deployed their own mobile apps on both Android and iOS. The solution proved to be sustainable for all stakeholders, with a cost per deployment of as minimum as 200$ per outlet. The white-label solution is available exclusively for API stakeholders and serves over 20000 media consumers on a daily basis.  “We did not expect such an impact, especially with the project’s overall cost. Yet again, we’re positively overwhelmed by EBS Integrator’s professionalism and dedication to their craft. We never imagined that one of our outlets can get an app that easily – yet this seems possible. I can say only one thing: we’re definitely coming back for more.” – stated Mr. Petru Macovei, president of the Association of Independent Press.

The Result

Here’s a sneak-peek of the platform’s looks after it’s release:

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