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Build stakeholder-oriented software

The success of a purpose-oriented digital product is its ability to adapt to demand. At EBS, we build products with amazing UX, insane time-to market metrics and ready to scale. If that’s what you’re looking for – we got you covered.

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Start with trust

At EBS, confidentiality comes first. Before we even explore your idea, we’ll deliver an NDA that simply confirms our confidentiality practice. This way – you’ve got more than a simple promise: it’s a legal guarantee that no one on our end will spill the beans.

EBS Integrator

Get an upfront time vs material idea

Understanding your idea is paramount – that is why at this stage, we’re processing each requirement in the scope documentation to understand the best approach in building your product. If you’re missing a scope document don’t worry: we can guide you in drafting one and support it with our team’s know how. In the end, you’ll get a perspective view of your app, a prototype of your application’s architecture and a ballpark figure to get your budgeting straight.

EBS Integrator

Best-fitting technology – guaranteed

While many of our competitors focus on a specific technology and/or stack, we’re placing your product’s scope first. By matching the right programming language for your idea we’re making sure you’ll get a malleable solution for a long-term service. Compared to our competitors – EBS won’t tie you up with a stack or framework that goes obsolete in less than a year, or leave you with no other option in matters of product development.

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Research your target, Prove your assumptions and check on your presumed demand

The best way to test your grand idea is by making use of a proof of concept first. That is why we deliver a risk-less approach that will help in testing your high-risk assumptions with a throwaway prototype – no strings attached, that will unveil technical bottlenecks ahead of time.

EBS Integrator

Choose your own method of delivery

At EBS we love Agile (Scrum) – but if you prefer fixed schedules and budgets – we can adapt to that too. Our Project Managers speak both: Agile (for lean and fast deliverables) and Waterfall (for detailed projects that can be pinned-down in matters of cost and time). In most of our cases, we use a combination of both so you’d be able to get a lean development experience within a fixed time-line.

EBS Integrator

Build-up UX strategies to power your UI

If you have no UX in place, we can deliver you an interface to fall in love with. Driven by a usability-first paradigm, we’ll design irresistible user experiences for your stakeholders. We deliver User Interfaces that make your users ask for more. Since our strategies focus on intuitive usage of digital products, your stakeholders will spend less time on learning how it works leaving space for scope-related activities.

EBS Integrator

Continuous Integration from day 0

Compared to our competitors, we deliver continuous integration from day 0, while maintaining best-in-clast Quality Assurance and Quality Control. This might seem a bit overkill, but then again, we do care about your product’s quality, it’s expandability and viability on the long run. After all, it’s our customer’s experience that drives new business and your success powers ours.

100% trust – confirmed by genuine customers:

Because we were so happy with how they worked, we didn’t reach out to anyone else for our second project. Both apps receive positive feedback from users and were delivered with very few bugs. They make you feel like you are their only client.

Makan Amini
HKS insight and Second Opinion Product Manager

EBS Integrator produced top-notch development work with few delays. Their technical expertise, systematic processes, and organization made for a smooth workflow.

Axel Lagercrantz
CEO at Hastnet

Due to their functionality and straightforward UI/UX, both apps have attracted praise from customers. EBS Integrator’s concise communication, transparent billing methods, and prompt turnaround time make the partnership rewarding.

Richard Tella
Founder of Qwids

Our new platform is more effective than some of the solutions put forth by the giants in our industry. Site response times are trice faster, while cost savings driven by efficient resource usage average around €13,000 per quarter. EBS Integrator was as proactive, efficient and responsive as an in-house team.

Nicolae Buldumac
Director at Global Database LTD

The app has numerous downloads and positive ratings in both app stores. The team’s efficiency and diligence made the project a success. They were polite, professional, and extremely skilled at all aspects of project design and execution.

Itay Naftaly
EBS Integrator

Always in control of your product build

Everything about your product is you. We’ll defiantly carry out our execution, but for us to be efficient – we need you to be the owner of your software. This means we’ll talk a lot – get ready to e-meet us at least twice a week and discuss current states, potential improvements and eventual changes you want in place. Even if we’re building that car – you’re the one to drive it – we’ll regularly act as your “check engine” light according to our know-how and vision.

EBS Integrator

100% guarantee / on-time and on-schedule delivery

At EBS we have a record: if you build with us, you’ll never get dumped or left with a dead-end project. Our record shows that we’ve had 0 failed projects on our customer side. Even if it will make us bleed, we guarantee a complete delivery of each project, within the pre-agreed time and budget. It is to mention though: when you’re adding-up to your product’s features, you do extend deadlines and increase budgets – this is unfortunately something we cannot control.

EBS Integrator

#ForNeverAlone in maintaining your product

Unlike many software development houses that leave the maintenance burden on your shoulders, EBS will always be there for you. Furthermore, our approach allows you to maintain and improve your product at the same time, without extensive negotiations and development conflicts – It is as easy as a subscription tailored to your needs.