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Digital transformation 
in finance is a strategic imperative.

Developing fintech software is, at its core, about fusing finance and technology in the smartest way possible. We're developing innovative tools that change the way money is managed.

Whether it's banking, investing, insurance or lending, our technology is reshaping the financial landscape, making services faster, safer and more efficient.

So, if you're a fast-growing bank, an inventive credit union, a nimble startup, or a leading insurance company, our dedicated financial software development services are the entry point to leveraging the power of digital transformation. We deliver bespoke solutions that improve your customer journey, streamline your operations and secure a leading role in the always-on financial landscape.

Our services in fintech development.

Custom FinTech Software Development
Customise your financial technology system from the ground up, prioritising high performance, cost efficiency, extensibility and robustness.
Software Upgrade
Redevelop your legacy fintech apps to bring them in line with the latest standards of security, user experience and system compatibility.
Third Party Integrations
Link your bespoke software to in-house systems, third party aggregators and analytics tools through bespoke APIs and EDIs.
Digitalization and Optimization
Improve the efficiency of your financial, trading and industry-specific software by automating the manual tasks.

Our fintech solutions.

Online Trading Platforms
  • Trading operations simplification
  • Liquidity ratio analysis
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Malware and fraud protection
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Security testing
  • RegTech
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Crypto exchanges and apps
  • Smart contracts
  • DeFi, DEXs, and auctions
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
Financial Planning & Management
  • Personal finance software
  • Finance management systems
  • Financial data analytics
  • Risk management
  • Online lending & alternative financing
Analytics & AI
  • Big Data analytics & data science
  • Client segmentation and analytics
  • Financial analytics and recommendation systems
  • Liquidity ratio analysis
  • AI robo-advisory
  • NLP
  • Stock quantitative analytics
Digital Payments
  • Digital wallets
  • Online payment systems
  • POS software
  • Mobile payments
  • B2B payments
  • P2P transfers
  • Recurring billing
  • Payments security

Our collaborations in fintech.

Since 2010, we continue to innovate and improve the way financial services companies are managing their resources.



Crypto platform with global payments through Android and iOS wallets.

Swift 5


A key challenge for the infrastructure has been developing a robust system for converting cryptocurrencies into traditional fiat currencies like the Euro and U.S. Dollar. We have successfully addressed this challenge over a three-month period, ensuring a reliable conversion process. 


Oobit is an app where crypto holders can Tap & Pay at any store anywhere Visa and Mastercard are accepted, just like using Apple Pay®.  Anyone who holds cryptocurrency now can buy goods and services at offline stores. Using an easy-to-use mobile app and NFC technology, users of Oobit can easily pay at any location Visa and Mastercard are accepted. 






Technology expertise

Our specialists have years of expertise in the industry and can advise on the best technology stack for your specific financial needs.

Full-cycle development

Full range of fintech software development services, including discovery phase, UI/UX designs, delivery and post-production support.

Best practices & industry compliance

Our solutions are built to the latest industry security, privacy, usability, and interoperability standards: GDPR, SEPA, PSDA, and others.

Continuous innovation

We regularly attend conferences on the latest FinTech developments and apply new approaches and technologies to drive innovation beyond your business goals.

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