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Business analysis for technology-driven growth.

We carry out a thorough analysis of your unique business needs and objectives, and create a well-aligned strategy, to put your software performance at peak.

Map your digital potential
from concept to production.

Our business analysis service is a step-action approach to solving your business case, leveraging the knowledge of our industry-specific experts. We identify your business issues, assess your organization's goals and needs, and create customized solutions to address them.

Analysis services as
business opportunities.

Informed decision-

With accurate data and an insightful analysis, you can increase your performance and stay ahead of the competition.


Standardising procedures across multiple projects increases efficiency and ensures consistent project delivery.


Identifying any issues in advance minimises the probability that your project will fail or run over budget.

Effective team collaboration

Creating a workspace where ideas can flow freely ensures that your tasks are completed efficiently, and your project goals are achieved within the agreed timeframe.

What our business
analysis experts deliver?

A detailed, multi-stage business analysis, to help your organisation assess its position in the marketplace and identify the goals needed to stay ahead of the competition.

We build clear business cases for new initiatives, with thorough cost-benefit analyses and ROI calculations to ensure you're making the most informed and cost-effective decisions.

How our data insights help businesses thrive.

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<p>How our data insights help <span class="marker">businesses thrive.</span></p>

PRSNT – Top UK app for e-gifts with just a few taps

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<p>How our data insights help <span class="marker">businesses thrive.</span></p>

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Prsnt, a UK-based gifting app, was experiencing difficulties during its early stages of development. Their collaboration with a third-party software development company was beset by high development costs, substandard work, and frequent communication issues. This resulted in delays and financial uncertainty. To overcome these challenges, Prsnt turned to EBS Integrator.

After an in-depth analysis, we decided to focus on the reverse engineering of the unfinished MVP of the app, that was about 66% complete. Our experience in the industry allowed for a prompt solution. We refactored the code for better maintainability, added proper documentation, and modularized the code for future adaptability. We identified a large number of weaknesses: GDPR deficiencies and outdated frameworks; and came up with the necessary updates and upgrades. Also, equipped Prsnt's for its upcoming needs by laying the groundwork for microservices (that were essential for the app's success).

We've managed to deliver the MVP within a month, allowing Prsnt to showcase a measurable value proposition. This led to further investments, and the development of unique, market-leading features such as AR filters and built-in networking. The rebuild we delivered for Prsnt secured them funding and led to high ratings and awards for the app. Moreover, their success story was featured in leading news outlets such as The Guardian and Forbes.

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<p>How our data insights help <span class="marker">businesses thrive.</span></p>

Lensa – The largest optics showroom in Central and Eastern Europe


of total sales via the app


active users of the app


profit increase on company-wide sales

Lensa, a premier optical retailer based in Bucharest, Romania, contacted our team to leverage their ambitious growth goals. Our digital transformation journey began with a thorough business analysis to understand their specific business requirements. We identified a solution that involved digitising around 70% of their business operations, incorporating the services into a feature-rich mobile app. This app now accounts for 40% of Lensa's revenue. The challenges posed by existing technologies and external APIs were easily overcome thanks to our expertise. We streamlined operations to handle 20,000 requests per minute and substantially reduced response times. Our agile development approach enabled the project to be completed 30% faster and 25% under budget. oom market.

Following EBS's expert digital guidance, Lensa has increased its visibility, customer engagement and sales. In doing so, they have positioned themselves as an innovative leader in the European optical showroom market.

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