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Transform your business for the digital age.​​​​​​​

Whether it's business strategy, operations, processes, or fostering a change-embracing culture, we have the knowledge and field-proven experience to help you take the right steps in becoming a leading player in your industry.

Why invest in digital transformation services?​​​​​​​

Digital transformation is no longer an option, it's a business requirement. Rapidly evolving consumer preferences and technological advances are forcing everyone to embrace an inevitable change. Within this dynamic landscape, agility and data-driven precision are fundamental to navigating digital space effectively. The digital revolution is disrupting traditional business architectures and methodologies, redirecting them towards a more consumer-centric approach. The need to embrace digital capabilities has emerged as a critical step in ensuring adaptability and growth in the face of an unpredictable future.

Risks of ignoring digital transformation.


Loss of competitive

Market share decreases in favor of competitors' more advanced and user-friendly business solutions.


Lower efficiency &
higher costs

Relying on outdated, inefficient, time-consuming and error-prone manual processes leads to higher costs and a decline in performance.



Lack of key insights in making decisions leads to misguided actions and wasted opportunities.


Vulnerability to security

Greater exposure to cyber-attacks and data breaches. Plus, failure to maintain regulatory standards may lead to legal action and reputational damage.


Inability to meet customer expectations

Loss of customer loyalty, satisfaction, and ultimately, a decrease in revenue.


Talent acquisition &
retention challenges

Modern professionals prefer to work for technologically advanced employees. Delaying digital transformation can make it difficult to attract and retain talent.

Our role in your digital transformation.

We stand by your side during the entire digital journey, continuously delivering solutions to your business challenges with a tailored strategy that aligns with your long-term goals and budget.

Identifying your digitalization needs through strategic consulting, assessment of your transformation capability and a detailed situational analysis. This is followed by a business analysis report to address your existing issues and propose the most appropriate solutions. Finally, we provide a DX strategy roadmap outlining the steps for transformation and an ROI analysis quantifying the potential financial benefits of going digital.

Key Aspects:

  1. Setting clear objectives for digital transformation
  2. Analysing and improving current business models
  3. Streamlining operations and customer experiences
  4. Ensuring cybersecurity and compliance
  5. Guiding organizational change and innovation
  6. Facilitating the effective use of data for decision-making

What you get:

  • Business requirements discovery workshop
  • High-level transformation estimates +- 35% risk margins
  • High-level transformation plan and roadmap
  • Solution strategy and ROI analysis
  • Architecture blueprint
  • Business analysis workshops -BRD/FRD specifications

Achieving digital excellence for our allies.​​​​​​​

Leading organizations entrust our digital transformation consultants to build them next-generation software products that reap the full benefits of digitalization.


Moldovan national postal agency.

Digital upgrade for Eastern European postal service.

Moldova’s national postal service partnered with EBS Integrator to bring its IT systems and services into the digital age as to meet modern consumer needs. As the country’s sole national postal operator, the agency is known for its early-tech adoption and commitment to people-focused innovation.

EBS Integrator addressed this by redefining the agency's information systems from scratch and pioneering the use of a government-backed electronic payments service. The initiative was delivered in several phases: business analysis, solution design and prototyping, IT systems development and testing, integration of business processes, and staff training. Key areas of focus included information security, user registration, interface design, and online payment systems.

This has enabled the agency's customers to make online payments, track domestical and international bookings, and manage digital customs declarations, among other features. This transformation has increased the agency's efficiency, reduced operational costs, improved service accuracy and speed, and laid the groundwork for the adoption of future innovations.


KWG Group

FinTech growth and agility
through digital transformation.

KWG is a forward-thinking company that specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for the FinTech sector. KWG enhances its trading experience by combining technology with a customer-centric and educational approach. Their services include call center QA, content flow management, and sentiment analysis for tracking NPS metrics. These services are augmented by EBS Integrator, which aids KWG in executing a full-scale digital transformation process, covering business analysis, automation, database aggregation, and deployment of automation tools. Now, KWG is at the forefront of driving digital transformation through the automation of operations in FinTech environments.

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