Test-drive ideas against your audience

with our next-level MVPs

Build stakeholder-oriented software

The best way to test your grand idea is by making use of a proof of concept first. That is why we deliver a risk-less approach that will help in testing your high-risk assumptions with a throwaway prototype – no strings attached, that will unveil technical bottlenecks ahead of time.

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Let’s get started with a clear outlook of your idea

Before we’ll get to it, let’s take a step back and define your product – this will give both you and us a wider sense of what’s essential and what can be left for your second product iteration (if the MVP gets traction). You’re not spending any engineering hours here – just some of your time to get a detailed user story of your stakeholder-focus journey.

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Journey check – getting the essence of your MVP

We’ll process your initial blueprints, user-stories and/or storyboards to check on caveats, story-related drawbacks and generic strategy. Based on the EBS’s know-how, we’ll spot drawbacks, explore monetization and/or scope-serving areas to identify “nice-to-haves” and critical features for your target audience. Only after we agree on MVP-centric features, we’ll move to the next step of your journey. Prioritizing your MVP requirements and understanding the minimum level of functionality can take time, but it will be golden in terms of customer value.

EBS Integrator

Get performance strategies that work

As soon as we get to a list of features compatible with your current system infrastructure and a proper assessment of how much code is going to be dumped and re-written, our system designers will build an optimization strategy to improve your overall application performance and stay clear of any system-wide outages. That will guarantee your new version’s stability and deliver new ways to check its overall health through a various sequence of events.

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Build stakeholder-oriented software

The success of a purpose-oriented digital product is its ability to adapt to demand. At EBS, we build products with amazing UX, insane time-to-market metrics and ready to scale. If that’s what you’re looking for – we got you covered.

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Prototype before you build

Before spending hundreds of development hours and half of your money or investor’s funds – a customer discovery process might be a better idea. We’ll build a clickable prototype and/or wireframe, to have a better understanding of what you’d like to test across your stakeholders. Following the input of our award-wining UX experts – we’ll build the first UI version of your MVP.

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Decide on your delivery model

At EBS we build software via Agile (Scrum), Waterfall and/or a combination of both – depending on your time constraints, budget limits and/or quality of your MVP’s requirements. Nevertheless, our PMs have over 7 years of experience in building software according to these models, and since you get a dedicated team for your MVP – everything should go smoothly. Even if it doesn’t – we have a plan for that too.

EBS Integrator

Get Ready to Participate – we’re building this together

Get ready to spend at least 10 hours a week with our Project Managers. Depending on the delivery method you’ll choose, we’ll keep you in the loop with anything happening in the development process, so we could both have an MVP we’re proud of – and maybe even more. We’ll meet you at least 2 times a week online to give you a full progress report, as well as have some discovery sessions where we could check on budget availability and maybe squeeze in some additional feature from that “nice-to-have” list.

100% trust – confirmed by genuine customers:

Due to their functionality and straightforward UI/UX, both apps have attracted praise from customers. EBS Integrator’s concise communication, transparent billing methods, and prompt turnaround time make the partnership rewarding.

Richard Tella
Founder of Qwids

Our new platform is more effective than some of the solutions put forth by the giants in our industry. Site response times are trice faster, while cost savings driven by efficient resource usage average around €13,000 per quarter. EBS Integrator was as proactive, efficient and responsive as an in-house team.

Nicolae Buldumac
Director at Global Database LTD

The new software has streamlined employee tasks, improved internal communication, and reduced the need for administrator engagement. EBS Integrator implemented a detailed, accurate project plan that allowed them to remain on schedule and within the proposed budget.

Valters Grobins
CEO at Cloudscheduling.se

Even though they’re on the other side of the world, it seems like they’re right down the hall. Users are impressed with the technology made available through the site. EBS Integrator is able to translate ideas into a product, effectively using their resources to respond to the client’s feedback. The team is communicative and available.

David Drake
the Innovator behind Donate Smarter

The app has numerous downloads and positive ratings in both app stores. The team’s efficiency and diligence made the project a success. They were polite, professional, and extremely skilled at all aspects of project design and execution.

Itay Naftaly

Because we were so happy with how they worked, we didn’t reach out to anyone else for our second project. Both apps receive positive feedback from users and were delivered with very few bugs. They make you feel like you are their only client.

Makan Amini
HKS insight and Second Opinion Product Manager
EBS Integrator

Polishing-up your MVP as a beta version

Following the minimum set of features defined at the Journey check stage, we’ll build your MVP more as a beta than a product you’re going to toss-off. All those PM meetings and discovery calls will help us build a product discovery version that will look and feel to your audience as a polished product – after all, first impressions matter. After hours of testing, comprehensive behavior analysis and product checks – we’ll finally deliver your MVP.

EBS Integrator

Assessing your audience feedback

You might think this is over, however, this is only half of the story. As with other methods of collecting customer feedback, such as win-loss analysis, beta programs and focus groups, the MVP approach does not negate the need for market research. At this stage, you’ll need to understand what should be improved and which of your features are most useful to your audience. Scavenger some early adopters (maybe a group of friends, partners and/or investors) that have some experience in this niche to get insightful feedback.

EBS Integrator

#ForNeverAlone in maintaining your product

After we’ve analyzed all your “beta” customer input and fine-tuned some of the features of our MVP – your idea is ready for a market push. Now, it is up to you to decide: if your MVP has enough adoption and building on top of this idea makes sense to you – we can help you move to the next level, otherwise – you gave it a try, without spending a fortune.