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with our system redesign service

Reach user-oriented performance metrics

Customer experience is directly related to service delivery and powers your user base. To avoid customer churn and enable a smooth service for targeted stakeholders, your app must be available 99.9999% of the time, easily adapt to market changes and scale in demanding circumstances. If your service is not quite there yet and refactoring is not an option, our system redesigning approach can bring your service to its next customer satisfaction level.

EBS Integrator

Get your full-blown system diagnostic

Redesigning a system is something that needs extensive resource usage quite a bit of investment. Before spending your money, let’s take a look at your code and see if refactoring is an option. Of course, before we deliver you a professional diagnostic of your code, we’ll deliver full legal coverage regards confidentiality, so you’d have more than just a promise of non-disclosure. With a one-time charge for our diagnostic, you’ll receive an outline of all system shortcomings, recommendations as well as a conclusion regards re-designing your software.

EBS Integrator

Building your re-design road-map

Before we’re able to give you a cost estimate, we’ll have to process your application thoroughly, get its main scope in the tiniest details and process the new features you want in place, as soon as we’re done replicating the existing system. This step is paramount and will require effort on both ends. We need to listen to your needs before we’re going to blueprint your software’s architecture.

EBS Integrator

Getting a fresh backbone for your app

As soon as we’ve got on the same page regards your software’s new scope and features – it’s time for us to go back to the original blueprints. Our system architects and tech leads will decide on the best infrastructure that serves your scope to deliver truly cloud-native backbone.

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Give your service the upgrade it deserves

If you believe a system redesign is premature, you can always tune-up your application performance, increase your user capacity and optimize your codebase to keep-up with current market demands, reduce server costs and speed-up your time-to-market feature delivery. All of these, without a complete system re-design.

EBS Integrator

Best-fitting technology – guaranteed

Our promise stays strong: we’ll mix and march technologies that serve your scope – not our ego. Furthermore, that fresh backbone of your app will allow you to use multiple technologies or re-write services in any language you find fitting – that’s how great our architectures are.

EBS Integrator

Deciding on your own terms

We understand – it’s a big deal and you need some time to get your ducks in a row. To make it easier, we’ll deliver a high-level system architecture, our re-design approach and a realistic budget range. If all of these won’t be enough, all the information, support and consultancy you need is at an e-mail/call away. No matter what you’ll decide: we’ll be here for you.

EBS Integrator

Getting you started

To deliver you full control on the re-design process, we’ll make use of Agile (scrum). This way, no matter if you run out of time or budget, you’ll get palpable deliverables, full control on the project’s progress and supply new features on the go. In other words – you’re in the driver’s seat. If you should ever need to pause this at a specific stage, you can pick up the pace when you’re ready, without experiencing additional costs or delays.

100% trust – confirmed by genuine customers:

Our new platform is more effective than some of the solutions put forth by the giants in our industry. Site response times are trice faster, while cost savings driven by efficient resource usage average around €13,000 per quarter. EBS Integrator was as proactive, efficient and responsive as an in-house team.

Nicolae Buldumac
Director at Global Database LTD

Even though they’re on the other side of the world, it seems like they’re right down the hall. Users are impressed with the technology made available through the site. EBS Integrator is able to translate ideas into a product, effectively using their resources to respond to the client’s feedback. The team is communicative and available.

David Drake
the Innovator behind Donate Smarter

The app has numerous downloads and positive ratings in both app stores. The team’s efficiency and diligence made the project a success. They were polite, professional, and extremely skilled at all aspects of project design and execution.

Itay Naftaly

Due to their functionality and straightforward UI/UX, both apps have attracted praise from customers. EBS Integrator’s concise communication, transparent billing methods, and prompt turnaround time make the partnership rewarding.

Richard Tella
Founder of Qwids

Because we were so happy with how they worked, we didn’t reach out to anyone else for our second project. Both apps receive positive feedback from users and were delivered with very few bugs. They make you feel like you are their only client.

Makan Amini
HKS insight and Second Opinion Product Manager
EBS Integrator

Deciding on your UX strategies

You have what most startups lack: rich and high-quality feedback generated by stakeholders. If your User Experience (UX) is in the right place, we can move to re-designing your app, otherwise: based on years-worth of user input, we’ll make targeted improvements to your verified UX strategies and deliver a breath-taking look for your app.

EBS Integrator


Having an overkill application back-bone in nothing if there’s no DAY-0 CI/CD. Combined with our quality control strategies, our mediation approaches and application performance monitoring fail-safe, if something goes wrong, we’ll be notified immediately, without having to spend weeks on manual testing. What’s even more exciting about having DAY-0 CI/CD infrastructure is getting the lowest time-to-market metrics possible and seamless migration strategies that enable a smooth transition to your new system.

EBS Integrator

Bringing your software to the next level

As soon as we agreed the system is ready for production (thanks to the CI/CD in place) we’ll migrate your data with near-to-nil consistency risks and deploy the fresh system to your production site of choice. Now, you’ll get all the benefits of a truly cloud-native app. Server costs will get slashed in half, development costs will decrease and your users will never experience entire-system outages.

EBS Integrator

Getting the best support deal you’ll ever get

After we’re sure everything runs smoothly in production, we’ll make sure to deliver you the best deal you can get for maintenance and support. Based on our know-how, we’ll tailor a list of maintenance tasks to be carried weekly, without having to employ dedicated teams for your service. In addition to that, if any feature should be required, we’ll be able to deliver it for your (based on the same agreement), without additional paperwork or hassle.