Parents Success Story

Sep 22, 2022,


Parenting is never easy. It begins with the language one uses to demonstrate their expectations to the child. Talking to your children, discussing things that matter, and letting them accept their mistakes as a way to grow is pivotal in helping your kids become better people. One way or the other, a parent is the one building their child’s mindset. 

‘Parents’ is an app developed by and for those who are or are about to become parents. The goal of its creators was to change the mindset and behavior of parents towards their children.

With ‘Parents’, users can also watch free webinars and comprehensive parenting and acces programs for parenting guidance while exploring educational libraries on becoming better parents and nurturing meaningful events within their family. The platform is delivered as a multi-sided system available on the Web, Android, and iOS.


The ‘Parents’ platform aimed to change parents’ approach and behavior towards their children. And, with over 10K downloads, achieving that is very real.

Parents app is the latest learning tech, in the palm of your hand. The programs and webinars are fully-interactive, ensuring that learning is always fresh and engaging. 

  • Accessing a complex education program directly from the application with a wide spectrum of features such as tracking progress, motivation, help, comments, and communication between parents;
  • Unifying IT systems from several IT teams and tools into a single entity managed by a single crew.

The team behind the project are passionate about creating immersive, affordable learning experiences that can be enjoyed by all parents.  

The development of the application was carried out in parallel with the change and growth of the business in a highly volatile market. We have always made sure that the application is up to date and tended to all inquiries without affecting the experience of existing users. 

Being agile, we designed a fully automated development pipeline with our software development methodology. Rather than improving software in one large batch, updates were made continuously, piece-by-piece, enabling software code to be delivered to customers as soon as it is completed and tested while ensuring that this is done quickly and following the client’s needs.

Our solutions allowed Parents to expand their business to other countries at minimal costs. The platform itself was already customizable, multi-language, and multiregional.

EBS Integrator is a trusted IT partner to whom the entire IT development spectrum of the business and CTO as a service was delegated.

We helped ‘Parents’ with the development part and enabled them to self-assess their digital readiness and needs anytime and anywhere. It was done to allow ‘Parents’ to access market-proven, cost-effective digital solutions and project management services.

We understand the client’s business, requirements, and issues that ”Parents” were struggling with. We were tasked to develop cost-efficient, scalable software and help design a top-notch architecture covering clients’ requirements and future needs.

We minimized the number of bugs and vulnerabilities to create reliable software that elevates user experience and brings knowledge and industry expertise to achieve better results.

Key achievements 

New payment system. It allowed the generation and creation of payment plans under any condition. The feature that increased sales conversion at a higher rate.

Even the smallest improvement in payment performance can significantly boost a business’s bottom line. That’s why we have shifted their payments from an obligatory cost center to a strategic function integrated within the business.

Payments are at the center of business performance, revenue generation, and the best-in-class customer experience that the market expects. We improved and redefined payments as a competitive advantage that yielded big bottom-line results. 

Webinar CRM. We refactored and eliminated multi-vendor management headaches to fast-track the videos to all devices. We built a reliable platform essential to user satisfaction and churn reduction. The client relies on our software and team to support their streaming pitfalls and help them reach their business goals.

Financial savings

By ensuring the rollout of an internal IT department and benefiting from a CTO as a service instead of providing it, we still built a strong technology leadership and aimed for a decisive advantage moving forward. We understand the businesses our client supports, the evolving technology, and the risk landscape, and we connect the pieces to build a sustainable product.

Opportunity for the client

  • Choosing an appropriate tech stack for web applications. The crucial first step in our software development project lifecycle. It is a foundation for adapting the product to clients’ needs and improving its performance. We chose to build it with the help of Flutter, Python, and React JS.
  • A qualified, experienced team. Our successful development team establishes critical goals at the beginning of each project and constantly communicates with members from other teams to manage dependencies at each iteration. We support each other in solving problems at a much faster pace. This, in turn, helps the system sprint in quality and measurable increments.
  • Expanding the reach. During the pandemic, the platform was very relevant for parents. It was simple and accessible. Coincidence or not, we implemented the new brand ofthe platform together with Parents immediately after the pandemic.

Success metrics

The scale of the ‘Parents’ project was quite ambitious and demanded a uniquely-tailored approach. That’s why EBS decided to use Flutter for its development. It was back when Flutter only began its expansion and wasn’t yet perceived as a game-changer. 

Looking back, it was the right thing to do, as Flutter is now deemed the perfect solution for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

Throughout our fruitful business relationship, we helped ‘Parent` 321`s’ achieve the following impressive results:

  • Over 50.000 customers are active and interact on the platform;
  • ‘Parents’ team has grown from 15 to 90 in 3 years;
  • ‘Parents’ have expanded from 1 country to 4;
  • ‘Parents’ educational programs were presented in 5 more languages.

The perks of working with EBS 

  • One of the key elements of a successful collaboration is the ability to listen to whatever the client has to say about any and all aspects of the project. EBS Integrator realizes the importance of effective communication, and we invested every effort to ensure that both our development team and ‘Parents’ are on the same page. 
  • The ability to leverage a fully-fledged MVP that would integrate the desired project capabilities is yet another one of EBS’ top priorities. ‘Parents’ experienced this first-hand and were fully satisfied with the results.
  • A project is only as good as its team, and, for ‘Parents,’ we were able to build a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals. The team remains 100% operational, with most of its members being project veterans. It gives the client peace of mind and a sense of predictability that increases business efficiency. 
  • At EBS Integrator, we realize all too well that even the best IT solutions are useless if you don’t understand the business needs and requirements. That’s why we use our profound tech expertise to help businesses expand their reach and increase market positions, not vice-versa. 
  • The fact that we’ve worked on similar projects in the past helped EBS Integrator make faster decisions and adapt to the client’s needs within the very least amount of time feasible. 

Growing together

  • Our Project team has grown from 2 people to 10. A fair indicator that we’re taking the client in the right direction.
  • Initially, we started with fixed-price project versions released once every 3 months. Eventually, we moved to much more efficient agile development sprints with weekly releases.
  • From an MVP to a fully-fledged IT solution, the ‘Parents’ project has grown to become a highly versatile and flexible platform capable of managing 90% of the business.  

At EBS Integrator, we firmly believe that every single project we carry out helps us grow and become a better professional version of ourselves. With ‘Parents,’ we managed to accumulate priceless experience and build a prosperous business relationship that led to the following results:


‘Parents’ and EBS Integrator are separate companies now operating under one banner. No matter the legal name, we’re bound by a fruitful and highly efficient business relationship, common goals, and 100% dedication to achieving success.